Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lolita Dresses

I sew, very rarely because I get frustrated at my machine a lot. >_> Lately I've been wanting to make a Lolita dress to my exact size. I love lolita and if you don't know what I'm talking about visit here: Lolita Fashion which will tell you all you want to know, or just Wikipedia lolita XD.

I was in Spotlight the other day and found this fabric on the sales rack. It has flying Unicorns on it!! So I did what any normal thefter would do. I hid the material till I could make up the money for the full price of the dress materials.

I got a free pattern off Burdastyle. It's actually more of a Rockabilly dress but with a few modification it can easily be made into a Lolita dress.

Here is the pattern if you are intereseted: Katjusha

So I wish to share with you all my dress so far, It's not finished yet, I have to sew the bodice to the skirt and at a satin waist tie as will as hem and lace the skirt. Oh I also want to do the all important Head-eater bow to top it off. If you don't know what a head-eater bow is visit DollDelight, who it like one of my idols.

I'm sorry but I haver the crappyist camera in the world, I hope to get a new one once I start earning some more money.

So tell me what you think!

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