Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Two Day Dress Challenge

This was a challenge I put myself too after talking to a friend Anna, about party dresses, you know the ones you want to steal from your friends but never seem to buy for yourself.
Well I decided to make some. But first I needed a pattern. I didn't have any I liked but I knew I had clothes that I liked and could use. So after a conversation with my Mother about darts and what they entitle, I got on to it.

I did these two dresses in about 8hours spread over two days. It took me two hours before hand to find, size, connect, draw and cut the pattern though.

I hope you like and any feed back would be good.

The first one I did with the left over material from my Lolita dress.
The belt in the photo above I made myself. I found the big pink clip at Arthur's Emporium, and just had to use it for something. Look I found my something. An awesome waist belt.

The print on this dress is the most adorable little teddybear in a boat. I found this belt at the local hospice store and agonized over buying it for a couple of days. This was the second dress I made and I knew more of how to place the zip and hem line.

I hope you think they as awesome as I do and I will continue making dresses to the pattern, maybe with some different sorts of sleeves?

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